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  1. Bulk Mailer Recorded Webinar

    Learn the basics of Bulk Mailer at your own pace and on your own schedule. This series of videos is derived from a recording of the live webinar that we offer twice monthly.

    Also be sure to refer to the Bulk Mailer User Guide on your computer, installed with Bulk Mailer. For the latest tips, tricks and traps, refer to our online knowledge base.

  2. Bulk Mailer Introduction

    This self-guided video series is recommended for those who are familiar with direct mail but are new to Bulk Mailer.

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Support Articles

Find how-tos and pro tips, or get help with your current issues.

  1. Understanding the Postal Data Validation Message in MAILdb
    When you click on a job in the MAILdb Control Center, the Postal data validation screen displays by default. This screens provides information about the postal data in your job...
    Products: Monticello
    Categories: Directory Updates eDocs Intelligent Mail Mail.dat Post-Presort
  2. Completing the FAST Authorization Process with FASTdb
    The USPS requires mailers to complete an Authorization process before they can begin using FAST Mail.XML for appointment scheduling. This process includes completing a set of scenarios in the Test...
    Products: Monticello
    Categories: Post-Presort Postal Service
  3. Completing the FAST Activation Process for New Versions of Mail.XML™
    When FASTdb is upgraded to use a new version of Mail.XML, existing FASTdb customers will need to complete the USPS Activation Process in order to continue using FASTdb. New FASTdb...
    Products: Monticello
    Categories: Post-Presort Postal Service
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Release Notes

View release notes for your Satori Software products.

  1. Satori Capture US Release Notes April 2015
    The Satori Capture US April 2015 issue was released on March 9, 2015. This release is required for all Satori Capture customers. Announcements Satori Capture Support for Windows XP ends with this...
    Products: Satori Capture
    Categories: Full Version Release Release Notes
  2. Bulk Mailer Professional US Service Pack 1 (Apr – May 2015)
    Bulk Mailer Professional US Apr-May 2015 Service Pack 1 was released on March 10, 2015. Service Pack 1 includes new USPS sort data file updates. This Service Pack is required if...
    Products: Bulk Mailer Professional
    Categories: Release Notes Service Packs
  3. Bulk Mailer Business US Service Pack 1 (Apr – May 2015)
    Bulk Mailer Business US Apr-May 2015 Service Pack 1 was released on March 10, 2015. Service Pack 1 includes new USPS sort data file updates. This Service Pack is required if...
    Products: Bulk Mailer Business
    Categories: Release Notes Service Packs
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Quick answers to frequently asked questions about Satori products and services.

  1. How do I sign up for the Satori Software Move Update service?

    Signing up for Move Update is easy.

    1. Run the Move Update wizard and select the Create Account option on the screen that requests your User ID and Password. Your User ID is automatically assigned to you based on your registration key. You will never need to change it. Leave the Password field blank and click Next.
    2. Enter your company’s Address, Federal Tax ID and NAICS code. Click the Look Up button to locate your NAICS code. Click Next to proceed.
    3. Click either the Review or Print button. You must do one or the other to proceed. Once you have reviewed the PAF, click Next.
    4. Select the check box labeled I agree with the terms of the PAF. Once selected, the Finish button will become active. Click that button to receive your password. You may begin processing addresses immediately.

    USPS requires that you submit a new form every year. As an NCOALink licensee, Satori Software cannot waive these requirements under any circumstances. Satori Software will provide you with your password when this form is received and processed.

    Products: Bulk Mailer Business Bulk Mailer Professional Bulk Mailer Standard Satori Architect Satori Office Move Update
    Categories: Address Management Improving Delivery
  2. If SAP Postalsoft Business Edition is sold and supported by Satori Software, what happens to our dealers?

    The SAP Master Dealers have all signed agreements to become Satori Prime Resellers. You may continue to work with those resellers and their representatives without change.

    Products: SAP Postalsoft Business Edition
  3. What is the official end-of-life date for SAP Postalsoft DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition?

    December 31, 2013.

    Products: SAP Postalsoft Business Edition
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