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How geocoding and deduplication can improve data quality

Geocoding - the act of using geographic coordinates in lieu of an address - is gaining popularity as a way to find better directions and bring mailing services to people living in remote areas of the globe.

As Prashanta C. writes on the blog MDM - A Geek's Point of View, geocodes may also be able to transform the way companies treat contact data quality and engage in address deduplication. Having address format standards that vary between countries or records that are missing fields are just a few of the complications that can pop up in a database. Coordinates, he argues, could offer a universal solution.

"These aspects of address lead to a wrong matching no matter how powerful our algorithms are, causing a significant number of false positive (different member - match) and false negative (same member - don't match) scenarios," he says.

More broadly, deduplication of backup systems is gradually being refined and enjoying mainstream adoption, the Enterprise Storage Forum claims. However, the authors point out that even though virtually every company has "some form of data deduplication technology," many are not yet clearing out the repetitions in their files - just 40 percent of what is stored is "under the jurisdiction of dedupe," they say.

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