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Address verification can lead to greater direct marketing ROI

No matter how well a company is performing, spending more money than is necessary is not a smart way to operate a business. This is particularly true when it comes to running a direct marketing program.

As Leon Henry writes for Chief Marketer, rising costs are forcing marketers and companies that use direct mail to optimize the ways in which they conduct their campaigns. He points to inserts as a possibility for boosting return on investment, particularly in light of USPS granting a free ounce for large-volume mailers.

If your organization decides to start an insert media program, Henry advises testing out large insert programs with higher insert volumes per month, as they deliver results sooner.

Henry also warns companies to be wary of high percentages of duplicate customers when they kick off their programs.

"The number of duplicate customers is a function of the customer base of the distributing program," he writes. "A book club could have a high duplication rate. A credit card mailing would likely have duplicates. Single-shot merchandise offers would not have as many."

Of course, no amount of savvy marketing can make up for needless spending. Consider adopting address verification software to ensure you have the correct listings for all your contacts and to avoid sending out materials to outdated or wrong addresses.

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