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Getting the most out of direct marketing

As many businesses and consumers move toward digital communications and mobility, it may seem as if direct mail is losing relevance and effectiveness. But that is certainly not the case, as studies have shown time and again that the channel is an affordable option that can deliver greater results than some online tactics.

Sarah Evans writes for business magazine The Next Women that creating a direct mail campaign that targets a specific group of consumers can help an organisation make the most out of its investment.

When launched with the help of a contact data quality solution to ensure no materials are sent to outdated or duplicate addresses, the savings and response rates can be even higher. She points out that the message, not just the method, needs to be targeted, and should call on recipients to do more than just open the letter.

"Send people online to your website or a social media page or simply ask them to call you," Evans advises. "In some cases, your call-to-action will be you calling the people you sent the direct mail to so you can follow up your campaign." No matter what message you choose to include, it should be clear and consistent throughout the campaign, she adds.

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