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Is your direct mail missing a sticky element?

When it comes to direct marketing, there's often a focus on creating a catchy message that is relevant to the target audience. However, the design, shape and material of direct mail can also be a factor in whether recipients choose to act by contacting a company for more information or buying a particular product.

FourColorMagnets recently issued a release discussing the ways in which businesses can run more successful direct mail campaigns. By including a magnet with a letter, or making the magnet a postcard that carries the message, companies may be able to stop their contacts from throwing away the piece before they even open it.

The company points to a 2010 study that found companies were able to boost sales 11 percent by including direct mail in their marketing mix.

As Juan Martinez explains in an article for Direct Marketing News, integration between channels is also a strong tactic for boosting the response rates between methods. He points to the campaigns of Sears and Walmart, two big-box retailers that have struggled in recent years, as examples of how traditional channels and digital ones, such as email and social media, can work together.

For instance, Walmart sends out printed materials but also puts them on its website, while Sears continues to send out its famed catalogues.

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