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JCPenney including direct mail as part of rebranding strategy

JCPenney recently announced that it would be undergoing a major overhaul of its locations, sales events and marketing tactics. The department store, like so many other companies, has realized that direct mail remains one of the best ways to reach out to existing and prospective customers and improve sales.

While announcing the launch of the rebranding effort, the company also noted that it would be sending out millions of copies of a 96-page style book every month. As Direct Marketing News points out, this return to direct mail marks a backtrack from JCPenney's decision in 2010 to stop sending out catalogs.

Company CEO Ron Johnson said all the changes would succeed in "freeing consumers from the barrage of promotions and undifferentiated shopping experiences they have become used to and replacing it with something entirely fresh and new that is evident in every aspect of our store."

Just because an organization is changing its strategy and taking its business in a new direction doesn't mean it has to abandon its earlier customers. Adopt a list management policy and use contact data quality software to merge old records with new ones and check for both errors and duplicate entries.

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