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Review customer lists to inform direct marketing programs

There is a common dilemma when planning a direct mail marketing campaign: The company knows what it wants to say, but how does it present the message in a way that actually resonates with recipients?

In a column for Direct Marketing News, Joe Cordo, the CMO of Extraprise, notes that businesses can get a better idea of what their customers care about if they turn to their database and review records.

Analyzing the data the company has gathered through its interactions with clients in the past can provide answers to questions such as "what kind of customer responded to the campaign?" and help determine whether they fit the typical profile for people the business usually serves, Cordo says.

"With a marketing data mart acting as the core of their customer intelligence system, marketers have the opportunity to take a deeper, holistic view of the customer, spanning segmentation, profiling, penetration and behavior," he writes.

However, unless the organization has verified the level of contact data quality and other details it has in its customers' files, the "knowledge" it gains through analytics could be all wrong. Consider adopting address validation software or another list management solution to avoid this possibility.

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