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Teaching an old tactic new tricks

Running a business requires constant evolution. You must adapt to changes in the market and constantly innovate when it comes to product development and operations. The same goes for marketing. Direct mail was a traditional strategy for the majority of companies, but was abandoned by many when email and other digital channels offered a cheaper way to reach consumers. But those supposed cost savings were short-lived as the "new" tactics became tired and ineffective.

Brian Wagner writes in a piece for Target Marketing magazine that direct mail has become popular again, thanks in part to digital technologies that enable companies to run more integrated campaigns and communicate a unified message through a variety of channels.

"Direct marketers are now at the best time and place in the history of our profession," Wagner says. "With all the emerging tools at our disposal, marketers can craft effective, engaging and powerful direct mail packages that bridge the offline world to the online and enhance the user experience."

Tracking tools, contact data quality solutions and many other kinds of software are helping companies and marketing professionals more accurately measure their results and ensure the customer lists they use are up-to-date and free of errors and inaccuracies.

Mixing up tactics

Writing for Market Scan, Suzanne Stock describes the effectiveness that leaflets can also be a useful addition to multichannel marketing campaigns, even in the business-to-business sector. She outlines a few of the "ground rules," which include handing out quality pieces that are well-designed in order to capture the recipient's attention and portray a good impression of your brand.

Stock also advises including a link to your website. There's only so much information you can include on a piece of direct mail or a leaflet, so calling on a target audience to act and seek out more information about your company and services is a strong way to extend the value of the piece.

Piquing the interest of decision managers with a teaser can also lead to a successful leaflet drop, she comments.

Personalizing a leaflet with accurate, high-quality contact data will also let recipients know that the campaign is methodical and deliberate. For a final touch, consider delivering the leaflet in an envelope, which will improve its appearance and also offers the option to include a personalized gift to "make the whole package lumpy," Stock suggests.

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