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Senate to address USPS reform this week

USPS has been working fiercely for the past few months to find ways to reduce its expenses and create new streams of revenue in order to remain a viable entity in the future. It may get some help from legislators this week.

Hoping to make some progress on the financial problems facing USPS, the Senate will likely begin debating the issue starting Wednesday, as Ed O'Keefe writes for The Washington Post. That delay suggests there will be no reform until after Easter and Passover, O'Keefe explains.

Ending Saturday delivery is one of the main topics on the agenda, he notes, as is the possibility of service price increases and shuttering processing and service facilities. O'Keefe also acknowledges that despite consumer and business owner concerns about an end to mail on Saturdays and closure of nearby post offices, "many still marvel that most envelopes dropped in a mailbox Monday safely arrive at a destination two or three days later."

In separate USPS news, the postal service announced that a survey it conducted in fall 2011 to gauge small business owners' opinions on potential price changes had serious flaws and that it was running a new survey to correct the issues. The main problem, according to USPS, was that the questions centered on "a scenario that would never be implemented at the same time."

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