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USPS gets mobile with barcode promotion

Even as consumers and businesses increase their use of digital communications, direct mail maintains its place in marketing and customer relations, and can actually enhance the response rates of integrated campaigns.

Some mail pieces have even begun drawing a more obvious connection to the smartphone and internet-driven world. More companies have started placing customized URLs and quick response codes on their letters and cards. 

Revisiting the direct marketing mail promotion it launched last summer, USPS plans to roll out a special offering for companies that put two-dimensional barcodes on their mail, Direct Marketing News says. The board of governors for USPS will review the promotion on February 8, the company's vice president of domestic products, Gary Reblin, told DM News.

He said this year will be different from the 2011 promotion, and that USPS will work to deliver a better return on investment for marketers and encourage more companies to spend money on direct mail.
In a September interview with BtoB magazine, president and chief marketing/sales officer Paul Vogel said USPS was planning to focus more on advertising mail, and would likely continue its two-year trend of offering rebates in the summer for businesses that opt to use commercial mail.

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