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USPS seeks more improvement amid network scrutiny

A new report from the Government Accountability Office found that the number of employees, equipment and facilities held by USPS has outweighed its needs.

If lawmakers leave the existing delivery network and standards, they will need to come up with new methods for covering the expenses, such as using taxpayer money, the report continued. The government watchdog's report also urged Congress to work on laws that would enable the postal service to restructure its business model.

While USPS is still working with legislators on Capitol Hill to find solutions to its revenue and budgetary issues, it is also partnering with businesses to increase innovation. USPS issued an announcement earlier this month to recognize eBay's work in helping USPS improve its online shipping and billing for sellers using the online auction website.

"EBay has been a true technology innovator, working with the USPS to help our customers save money while generating more than $800 million in postage last year alone," said Postmaster General and CEO Patrick Donahoe. "Our collaboration with eBay demonstrates the transformative power that technology can have for our industry."

Since 2004, USPS and eBay have collaborated to optimize their shipping and label solutions.

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