Integrated Data Services

Now you can improve the quality of mailing lists for better campaign results. After Address Correction and Move Update processing, use the Data Services wizard to order from a menu of services. Now you can append contact details, amend addresses and suppress records on do-not-mail lists all within Bulk Mailer — no need to import files and manually reconcile changes.

Current Services

ECOA (Extended Change-of-Address)

Updates addresses using sources other than the USPS® NCOALink® data set, including magazine subscriptions, catalog houses, insurance and credit companies. Identify up to 20% more moves up to 5 years old.

Walk Sequence

Appends and updates walk sequence and carrier route numbers. These codes are required for USPS High Density and Saturation postage discounts, which can reduce postage up to 8 cents for each mail piece. Learn how to get unlimited Walk Sequence processing.

Apartment Number

Appends residential unit numbers based on the submitted name and address. Complements SuiteLink processing, which appends unit numbers for business addresses, to further reduce undeliverable and misdirected mail.


Replaces names with the head-of-household and appends the gender on record for that person. Perfect for address lists without names, and for geographically targeted mailings.

Suppression Suite

Flags records that match entries in do-not-mail, deceased person and correctional facility lists. Manually review results or remove records automatically. Improve mailing ROI by removing people that are unwilling or unable to respond.

How Data Service Processing Works

Data Services may be paid for by credit card or by using pre-purchased Data Services credits. There is no minimum job size when using Data Services credits. Note that Data Services credits are not interchangeable with Move Update credits. The Data Services wizard presents each list enhancement option and the cost per thousand records. Once all the desired services have been selected, you have the opportunity to review the total cost before submitting the order.

Learn more about payment options

Confirmation messages are sent by email when the order is received by our servers and when all selected services have completed processing. In most cases, results are available within hours.

To order Data Services credits, call 800-553-6477 option 1.

Advanced Processing

Additional data enhancement options, including extensive contact and area demographic selections, are available through Satori Professional Services. For more information, contact Satori Sales at 800-553-6477 option 1 or


Improve response rates with more accurate data

Reduce undeliverable and returned mail

Enable more personalized marketing campaigns

Save on printing and postage

To order Data Services credits, call 800-553-6477 option 1.
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