Mailing Solutions

Make your mailings more productive and profitable with Satori® mailing solutions. Improve the accuracy and integrity of list data to ensure the right customers receive your message at the lowest cost to your business. Satori Software provides mailers of all levels with solutions that scale from wizard-based processes to those that support automated, document management systems and the most advanced sorts.

Desktop Solutions
Integrated Solutions
Production Mail Solutions
Bulk Mailer delivers best-in-class mailing preparation in a stand-alone application. CASS™ and PAVE™ Gold certified, Bulk Mailer includes address correction, duplication elimination, postal presorts and reports, barcoding and real-time* change-of-address processing with 48-month NCOALink® data.
Satori Architect allows you to integrate USPS® compliant address correction, presorting and document submission directly into your mail preparation workflow. Eliminate labor-intensive manual processes to lower costs. Reallocate resources to new projects and revenue-generating activities.
Satori Presort, formerly Postalsoft Presort, and Monticello support the most complex mailings, including many optional procedure agreements and niche classifications. Production mailers that are very familiar with postal regulations gain speed, flexibility and high-quality support and service.

*Satori Software receives weekly NCOALink updates.

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