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How Can Satori Ignite Fuel Your Growth?

We are setting in motion a new way for commercial printers and mailers to fuel growth. There is a need in the industry to change the way that business is done in order to work faster, work smarter and grow.

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Satori Ignite offers a new way to refine your data processing systems to greatly increase your efficiency and stop relying on old legacy coding. Satori Ignite can use the programs you already have in place to expand your mailing functions from presort, to post presort, and data correction.

Satori® Ignite Fuels Efficiency Improvements

IGNITE Fuels Efficiency Improvements

Identifying the obstacles in your current processes is a great first step in identifying the bottlenecks that may be slowing your business down. Satori® Ignite streamlines processes to drive efficiency gains and provides the opportunity for low cost growth.

Using Satori Ignite, our customers:

Increase mail processing

Increase mail processing capacity by over 40%.

Minimize time spent processing daily jobs

Minimize time spent processing daily jobs from 75 minutes down to 3.

Reduce monthly job processing

Reduce monthly job processing time from 3 days to 15 minutes.

Double the amount of CASS

Double the amount of CASS™ processing in the same amount of time as your current solution.

Satori Ignite Fuels Cost Reduction

IGNITE Fuels Cost Reduction

When assessing costs, it’s common to take a look at materials, resources, and the other usual suspects… IGNITE offers a different approach. Contain costs by optimizing distribution, eliminating complex coding knowledge and maintenance, and streamlining processes that require the most man hours.

  • Reduce the resources needed to write and maintain legacy custom code and enable your talent to expand their roles.
  • Decrease the time spent analyzing workload distribution.
  • Find more duplicates in your current lists to reduce printing costs.
  • Eliminate outsourced costs by doing more in-house.

It allows us to do the impossible. We wouldn’t have been able to complete all of these new projects and could never have brought them in house.


Mike Dooley, Vice President of Production, St. Joseph’s Indian School

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