The Satori Way

For over 30 years, we have built on our core values

To develop products and services that help our customers achieve the highest data quality and optimal postage rates.

We recognize that financial growth is an outcome of great people working together. We pursue common goals in support of serving customers. We drive overall company growth by supporting and promoting the growth of our employees. Great employees create happy customers.

We operate with a “closest to the broom” philosophy for problem-solving and issue resolution. When you see a problem, get involved even if it is not in your area of responsibility. Then pass the broom when it’s clear who should hold it, and stay involved if you are needed.

We “play chess, not checkers” when it comes to setting strategies and making decisions. We strive to think several moves ahead and focus our actions on the long-range health and success of our business, our employees and our customers.

We understand that learning is a process of experimentation, measurement and adjustment. We value experimentation that leads to learning and improvement. We know that not everything will be perfect, but we use good judgment in all our decisions.

We work hard, debate passionately and respectfully, and once a decision is made, we execute together in a timely fashion with intensity, mutual accountability and trust.

We all strive, regardless of level or title, to exhibit leadership in our personal and group activities. We are accountable for teaching and supporting the Satori Way and responsible for providing continuous feedback and coaching in our daily activities.

We reject the idea of putting in time at work and then escaping to life to be happy. We believe in enjoying life and enjoying work. We believe in a work + life fit. Work + life fit is about flexibility and a commitment to both work and life.