Satori Office US Service Pack 3 (Feb / Mar 2014)

Service announcement about the February / March 2014 Service Pack 3 for Satori Office US.

Service Pack 3 was released on February 17, 2014.

Service Pack 3 fixes issues associated with the February – March 2014 Release of Satori Office US.

This Service Pack is strongly recommended for all Satori Office customers.


You must have the February – March 2014 issue of Satori Office installed before you can install the Service Pack.

Accessing the Service Pack

All Satori Office Service Pack update notices are sent via email. Please watch your email for Satori Alerts that include the Service Pack notice, download link, and installation instructions.

If you are not receiving email notices for updates, and have not previously signed up, please send a request for notifications to

If you think you’ve already signed up, but didn’t get an email notification for this release, please contact Satori Support at

Service Pack 3 Changes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixes an issue in which flat-size mail pieces sorted into FSS Scheme bundles and contained within FSS containers or pallets did not receive a DSCF entry discount when indicated. This issue affected Standard Mail Flat and Periodical Flat mailings where DSCF rates were possible. These pieces now receive the DSCF entry discount when applicable.
  • Fixes an issue in which some Standard Mail flat pieces with a piece weight of over 5 ounces and sorted into FSS Scheme bundles received the 3-digit non-automation price when they should have received the 5-digit automation price. These pieces now receive the correct 5-digit automation price.
  • Fixes an issue in which the setting for a maximum of 50 pieces per bundle was not recognized for Carrier Route Simplified Addressing for Standard Mail and Periodical Mail Flats. The ability to set a 50 piece maximum has been restored.
  • Fixes issues associated with the Shipping Services File. The correct sequence number is now included in the Electronic File Number (EFN). The Mail Class Code used for Parcel Select Lightweight has been corrected. The Service Type Codes for Standard Mail Marketing Parcels and Standard Mail Parcels and Irregular Parcels have been corrected. A Transaction ID is now included, along with a corrected Software Vendor Code.

Program Version

Satori Office program version 2014.02.11 (also known as Service Pack 3):

Satori Office US – February-March 2014 – Service Pack 3

(Build: v2014.02.11.20217.1112)

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